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The Centre for Business Innovation Limited (CfBI) headquartered in  Cambridge, UK, creates and facilitates communities whose participants share the benefits and costs of working together in a trusting environment, towards common goals or under a brand which reflects their values and beliefs in the spirit of Open Innovation

CfBI’s team calls this type benefit ‘Collaborative Advantage’ and we have been refining this formula for over fifteen years.

Today we have created two types of community:

  • Collaborative Consortia: where companies, research institutes and government agencies from all over Europe and USA  shape and share 12 month learning, implementation and influencing programmes around fast moving areas of technology and business process. Key benefits of joining our confidential and professionally facilitated consortia include:  scanning horizon for new opportunities; benchmarking; finding best practices, promoting standards; influencing regulators; visiting centres of excellence and meeting international experts in their natural environment; bidding for research projects such as H2020, sharing costs while learning together with a network of peers for competitive advantage .. and doing a few deals on the side!
  • Connected Communities: where entrepreneurial individuals in particular regions with exceptional business or technology potential  all around the world become affiliated in order to network with other members of their own or peer group communities. Key benefits include: local networking; global contacts; growing clusters, exploring job and entrepreneurial opportunities while making friends and influencing people!

CfBI does not hold intellectual property or sell consultancy. Members of CfBI consortia find us informed, inspirational and easy to work with. Each CfBI consortium meets 5 or 6 times per year at memorable international locations. CfBI  consortium facilitators ensure greater insight from private discussion and briefing than would be gained from attending conferences while not involving the levels of expense associated with dedicated consultancy. CfBI  are continuously experimenting and launching new consortia in response to market needs to meet strategic, tactical or training needs. Explore this  site to find out how our formula could help your organisation do more with less!