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CfBI New Year Briefing 1/07/2015

Medical Adherence Consortium Launched Connected Cambridge 01/02/2015

CfBI Summer Briefing 20/07/2014

Design for Manufacture - Great Leap forward for Microfluidics Nanotechnology Now 12/05/2014

A Design for Manufacturing Guidebook for Microfluidics Nanowerk 09/05/2014

Microfluidics Design for Manufacture Guidelines Published by EnablingNMT 06/05/2014

Microfluidics Design for Manufacture Guidlines Published by MF5 01/05/2014

Social Media for Business Consortium Launches Connected Cambridge 24/1/2014

CfBI New Year Briefing 01/01/2014

DG-Connect Press Release about OI4 Consortium. European Commission 3/12/2013

Peter Hewkin promoting the Cambridge cluster. Economia 05/11/2013

Deal between members of the MF4 Microfluidics Consortium. EVGroup 28/10/2013
Profile of Connected Cambridge . Cambridge Evening News 01/10/2013

CfBI New Year Briefing 01/01/2013

Two new Consortia announced by CfBI Cambridge Network 25/09/2012

Two new Consortia announced from CfBI Connected Cambridge 24/09/2012

CfBI Summer Briefing 15/06/2012

Peter Hewkin featured by British Consulate in Boston Tumblr 18/05/2012

New Consortium Launches to advance Graphene and Nano-Carbon Technology. Cabume 19/4/2012

Big Step to Commercialize Nanotechnology. Plastics and Rubber Weekly. 05/04/2012

Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials Consortium NCEM-1 to Launch in Cambridge.  Connected Cambridge 13/3/2012

Nestle uptake of Inclusive Design resulting from CfBI programme (Nestle website 20/1/2012)

Standards for Microfluidic Devices (Lab-on-a-Chip Journal) 1/02/2012

CfBI New Year Briefing 01/01/2012

Open Innovation Practitioners Consortium focuses on Health and Wellness Open Innovation Community  (Haas Business School, Berkeley California) 29/11/2011

Open Innovation Practitioners’ Consortium focuses on Health and Wellness. Cambridge Network 24/11/2011

Top Brands make Designing for Diversity a priority. Packaging Today 5/9/2011

New European Inclusive Design Consortium seeks Competitive Advantage. Packaging Today 1/8/2011

Article on Collaborative Communities and the Microfluidics Consortium. The Technology Partnership “Insight Magazine” 07/7/2011

CfBI Summer Briefing 1/7/2011

International Microfluidics Consortium launches in Cambridge. Cambridge Network 10/6/2011

3rd Microfluidics Consortium launches in Cambridge. Connected Cambridge 9/6/2011

Microfluidics? Its all about Connections! European Medical Device Technology 19/5/2011

Novel Applications of Printing Consortium Launches in Cambridge  Cambridge Network  15/3/2011

Novel Applications of Printing Consortium Launches in Cambridge Connected Cambridge 14/3/2011

Consortium Helps Companies Pioneer Novel Applications for Printing. Minuteman Press  - 27/1/2011

Working Day—Peter Hewkin  Cambridge Evening News 18/1/2011

CfBI New Year Briefing 1/1/2011

Open Innovation Practitioners Consortium Visits Cambridge. Cambridge Network 13/10/2010

“Creating your own Tribe” Interview with Peter Hewkin15/05/2010

Inclusive Design Consortium Launched Cambridge Network 10/5/2010

Inclusive Design Consortium Launched. University of Cambridge 10/5/2010

“How to Win Business and Influence” Profile of Peter Hewkin in Cambridge Business Magazine Q4 2009 
pp 87&88 . 
Click here and search on Hewkin.

Inclusive Design Consortium Announced. Cambridge Network 16/10/2009

World Intellectual Property Organisation hosts CfBI Open Innovation Consortium. Cambridge Network 13/10/2009

Open Innovation Practitioners’ Consortium launchedCambridge Network 20/7/2009

First European Microfluidics Consortium launched I-Micronews 1/6/2009

The Centre for Business Innovation (CfBI) organizes 1st European Microfluidics Consortium  I-Micronews 1/4/2009