Open Innovation meets Big Data

Consortium Description

This  Consortium brings together practitioners in Open Innovation from across Europe to learn together about best practises, recent experiences, different perspectives of the innovation provider and the purchaser as well as to find and try out better ways to address the problems which arise along the way.

Consortium participants from software, healthcare, retail, finance, consumer goods, telecoms, manufacturing and beyond are building relationships with each other in the OIBD consortium making it easier for new ideas and initiatives to be shared across industry boundaries in a trusting environment .

We are well ahead of the curve! The consortium is currently pursuing member interests focussed around Big Data - ie trading 'data rich  assets' instead of IP as originally envisoned by Henry Chesbrough. Members of the consoritum  see benefits thro the creation of net-new value from data which was collected as part of business as usual  .. but challenges including 'permission' 'ownership' and 'trust'.

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