Inclusive Design


Inclusive Design

Inclusive Design is neither a new genre of design, nor a separate specialism.  It is a novel approach to designing in which designers ensure that their products and services address the needs of the widest possible audience, irrespective of age or ability.  As illustrated below, even where only a minority of people are excluded from using a product or service, a significant additional set of people may have difficulty or be frustrated when they try to use it.

Why is Inclusive Design important?
Many leading companies now have excellent provision for people with single major impairments, including wheelchair users and people who are blind or deaf. Through our Inclusive Design consortia we are helping companies take the next step in practically applying Inclusive Design to mainstream products used by a much wider set of consumers.

Companies such as Ford, BT, Nestlé, OXO Good Grips and BSkyB have already successfully applied the principles of Inclusive Design to their products.

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