10th August 2017

Social Media for Business

Focussed on how to use social media to deliver real value to businesses, the 'SMfB' consortium brings together practitioners from major European organisations representing a range of market sectors an
20th June 2016

Medical Adherence / Digital Health

New - Medical Adherence White Paper Released! A big problem.  Poor medical adherence (also known as ‘medical compliance’ – the degree to which patients fail to adhere to their prescri
19th June 2016


The Mission of the Microfluidics Consortium is to grow the market for Microfluidics Enabled Products and Services! We operate across a large range of applications including: High Throughput Sc
19th June 2016

Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials

The use of nano-carbon materials, such as carbon nanotubes and graphene is a rapidly evolving field and this is an opportunity to influence where it goes and how fast. The mission of the consortium
12th April 2016

Corporate Venturing Leadership Forum

Innovating, Keeping Market Share and ultimately achieving sustainable Profit Growth is becoming increasingly elusive for large companies, as technology and market knowledge grows at exponential rates
24th January 2016

Inclusive Design

Inclusive Design is neither a new genre of design, nor a separate specialism.  It is a novel approach to designing in which designers ensure that their products and services address the needs of the
24th January 2016

Open Innovation Meets Big Data

Having started out in 2009 as the Open Innovation Practitioners Consortium - we are now breaking new ground with the paradigm that Data Rich Assets can be traded B2B in the spirit of Open Innovation t